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Sean “Red Beard” Klongerbo is a professional and hardworking, S-212 Certified Chainsaw Operator and Wildfire Mitigation Specialist with over a decade and a half of experience as a businessman and over 5 years of chainsaw operation. He also has a degree in Diesel Technology and an FAA Part 107 UAV License.
Sean works with his team to provide quality services for his clients by maintaining a keen eye, attention to detail and effective communication. A man of many talents, he is best described as an entrepreneurial warrior. Above all, Sean is a man of community values and strives to help the community by alleviating risks and hazards caused by failing trees and excessive fuel build-up.
Sean passionately serves his clients with extensive knowledge regarding the removal of hazard trees. He is consistently expanding his skillset and staying on top of trends and up-to-date strategies.
With Sean’s background in his niche, it’s no question why he is the perfect tree removal specialist. Sean brings a combination of professional input and persistent dedication to customer service, whether you are looking to one tree removed or a hundred trees removed. His expertise, stemming from his own professional experience, allows you to have complete confidence in every step of your project.
Sean values integrity above all else, which is why he helps customers from cutting corners. If your aim is to asses you property for hazards and alleviate them, search no further than Sean Klongerbo.
Over the years, the company has not only built a solid reputation in its’ local community but an extensive network of industry professionals. Red Beard Cutting and Clearing sets the standard for customer satisfaction and quality work. Leveraging an above average skillset and a desire to serve relentlessly, Red Beard proudly uses only the best business practices and techniques to maintain their exceptional rate of referred business, which is the best kind of business to receive.
Ever find yourself thinking, “I really need a tree removal company that can help me out sooner rather then later”? Some Leading Tree Service Specialists are booked out months in advance. But the real problem is that most people do not have the industry relationships that Red Beard has. Which is why Red Beard has spent endless hours serving the people of Cook County Minnesota. Red Beard has the know-how and the resources to make your dream a reality.
Either you can hire a out of town company for thousands, spend eternity waiting for a local company to get to you -- OR -- you can just schedule an estimate with us and we will get you plugged into the schedule. Big or small, Red Beard helps em’ all.

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Forestry mulching offers the environment many benefits, like covering the soil in nutrient-rich mulch that ensures healthy lands and fosters plant growth. Here are some benefits of forestry mulching services.

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